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Safety Benefits of Proper Dog Training

Owning a dog can be incredibly rewarding. They are always happy to see you and offer excellent emotional support. They can also be great for motivating you to get more active. When you bring home a puppy, the first thing you start to do is teach them basic commands. You also may start socialising them and training them to walk on a leash. Many people adopt dogs and may start this process with a dog that is well past the puppy stage. When you take the time to properly train your dog, you can navigate many things in a much safer way.


Many pet owners enjoy taking their dog to the pet store or dog park. It is a lot of fun for your dog to experience a different environment and new smells. There are certain expectations, however, when you are in public with your dog. At the dog park, your dog needs to come when called. If you cannot get your dog to come to you with a command or signal, the dog park may be a dangerous place. If your dog does not get along with another dog, they need to disengage when you call them. Otherwise, the dogs could get hurt in a fight.

A trip to the store could also be problematic if your dog does not know how to stay near you on the leash. There is a lot of stimulation in a pet store. There are often many varieties of animals, both small and large. The many different smells, sounds, and sights can be overwhelming to some dogs. It takes practice to keep them from engaging with other dogs or people until you give the go ahead.


The daily walk is a highlight of the day for most dogs. They often jump with excitement when you go to get the leash. In most neighbourhoods, many people go for walks around the same time of day. The evening walk is usually a busy time. This can put your dog face to face with many other dogs. Some owners are not responsible and have their dog off-leash. It can be dangerous if another dog rushes up to yours, and they do not know to ignore or submit. Ideally, they should look to you for instruction. When one dog is on a leash and the other is off, it creates an uneven playing ground. Your dog needs to be trained on how to handle this or a fight could ensue.


You may not mind if your dog jumps up for a hug when you come home from work; however, not everyone enjoys this type of puppy love. Your dog needs to be trained not to jump on people. Some people may mistake this for aggression and hurt your dog trying to get them to back off. Many people carry large sticks or guns. You could lose your loyal companion to a major injury if they are not trained to back off on command. Quality dog training in Sydney can help with these issues.

Your dog is a part of the family and should be trained so they can remain safe. There are some people who do not like dogs, and you must prepare for this. Some dogs are also aggressive with other dogs. You must prepare your dog by training them to turn to you for instruction. They also need to learn proper etiquette for a variety of situations. Training goes far beyond the basics of sit, stay, and roll over.