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The Right Time to Say Goodbye to Your Dog – Signs That Indicate That It Is Time

Dogs do not live as long as humans do, and hence every owner experience a day in their life when their dog has to be put down. This is an inevitable experience for all dog lovers and knowing the right time to let go of your dog, is the best favor that you can do to your dog on its last days of life.

In home dog euthanasia is one of the most preferred ways of the owners in letting the dogs go. If you also own a dog and are not sure about whether it is time to put your dog down, then you can just take help from ZenDog Veterinary Care. They are based in the US and can become your professional guide for learning the right time to put your dog down. Visit them to know more.

Signs Indicating the Last Days of your Dog

Here are some of the signs that indicate that it is time to put your dog down from its misery.

·        Disinterest or Prolonged Lethargy

When your dog reaches its final days, it will become motionless and also non-interested in any aspects of life, including eating and playing. The dogs will stop acknowledging the family members and their love for them, will stop enjoying the walks, and will even not show interest in the same things that once made them jump up and down.

·        Seek Comfort

When dogs feel that their time is nearing, they will feel like they need comfort from the sources like their owners, kids, and so on. If you feel like your dog is asking for more love and care and even comfort from you or the favorite member of your family, then it is understood that its time has come.

·        Decrease in its Appetite

Dogs boycott everything when they feel like their time of life is ending soon. They will not show interest in anything including their favorite food item. You might find unfinished dog food in its bowl, or even not trying to look at the food that once was it’s favorite.

·        Self-Isolation

Dogs are known to roam around their known environment freely without any problem. They can be restrained only if you use dog chains or belts to make them stay at any corner of the house. If you feel like your dog has preferred self-isolation even without you binding them with chains or belts, then it is understood that their time of life is ending soon.

·        Health Issues

Some of the disorders that are considered as the dog end of life signs are diarrhea, duller eyes, lack of self-grooming, gastrointestinal changes, dehydration, loss of weight, a distant look in their eyes, and so on. These are the major indications that your dog is nearing its ending days.

Some of the disorders such as cancer, terminal illness, etc., can also make your dog feel all these above-mentioned symptoms. The best of making their death less painful is by choosing the process of euthanasia at home. Your pet will get to enjoy its last moments in the place where it feels comfortable.