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How to Keep Dog Engaged While You Are At Work

Keeping dog engaged while you are not at home can be tricky. Bored dog can be a source of big mess and he may become irritable too, if he is not given anything substantial thing to do. Some dogs go into depression due to loneliness and they express it by making the leaving time horrible for the owner. Even the instances of dogs greeting the owners with frown or anger is also an outcome of keeping them lonely and idle. Thus, it is necessary to keep the dog in action and drain the energy off them to ensure his good mental health and better environment at home.

Get him to play very early in the morning

Utilizing early hours of the day in spending time with dog and taking him for brisk walk can be refreshing for you and tiring for him. You can add some vigorous activity like chasing balls, etc also in the morning routine and feed him well on returning from play. The tired and well-fed body can do the trick and make him feel like lazying out in his crate. Once the energy is stored, to manage that time, you can ask a playdate to come to house in your absence. The company of another dog can help him stay engaged till you are not back from work.

Thus, the dog is full of energy when you come back home from work.

Toys for dog entertainment

There are a variety of toys available in the market for keeping the dogs entertained. These toys normally come with cavity which can be filled with the favorite food of the dog. You can also harden the challenge of taking out food from the toy by altering the opening size. Thus, you make your dog work and give him a reward in the form of treat in toy. This eats a lot of time during the day and dog is amply exhausted at the end of the game too.

DIY toys ideas are also available if you have time to build the plaything for dog entertainment. You can process the foods of his choice and freeze them with Popsicle stick inserted in the tub. These dog popsicles become great play companions and they feel good while licking them too.

Other ways of keeping the dogs engaged remotely are:

  • Using Smartphone operated pet treat dispenser: There are technologically advanced ways of staying connected with the dog when you are away from home. The smartphone enabled treat dispensers can allow you to send voice messages to the dog and do video chat with him too, while throwing the treats off the dispenser in synchronized manner.
  • Get Rover: This is the service that can be booked for taking dogs out to park or garden and for dog boarding. The operators take the dog out to park and bring him back too, as per agreed time period. They take care of your dog, too, in your absence.

So, try these options for helping dog cope with loneliness and to convert it into an enjoyable alone time for him.