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Large Dog Breeds That Are Great with Kids

Just because a dog is large certainly doesn’t mean that he isn’t gentle and sweet. In fact, there are plenty of large dog breeds that make wonderful family pets, even if you have kids in the family. Check out the list below of a few of these beloved large canine breeds so you can make the right choice when you are ready to add a new pet to your family.

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Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the top large dog breeds in general, not just for families with kids. These loving dogs are patient and have a history of working closely with humans for centuries. Plus, these pooches are also protective dogs who are loyal and fearless, and they make great guard dogs because of their size. When properly trained and socialized, and when raised alongside children, these dogs do well as part of a family unit.

Great Dane

Known as gentle giants, Great Danes are friendly dogs that are surprisingly calm. They might be large and intimidating in appearance, but they are actually wonderful family pets that crave loads of attention and love. Of course, you should also have a house that is large enough for these animals to live comfortably, and they do need daily exercise, so a large backyard may also be helpful. Overall, the Great Dane is a great choice if you are in search of a large canine breed that will get along well with your kids.


Another good choice if you are a family in search of a large breed canine is the Newfoundland. This is a giant breed that was actually bred originally to work as a water rescue pooch. These dogs feature a docile personality towards people of all ages, including kids, and they are also loving and patient. Their disposition is ultimately what makes them excellent family pets.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Words that could describe the Bernese Mountain Dog include placid, docile, and good-natured. These dogs are also loyal, stable, smart, and affectionate. Plus, they are friendly towards just about everyone that they meet, as well as other dogs. All of these traits add up to make the Bernese Mountain Dog an ideal choice for families with kids and other pets who are in search of a canine that will be eager to please and fit right in.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is known for its friendly, confident, and kind disposition. These dogs make ideal family pets because they will get along great with kids of all ages. But they don’t make the best guard dogs because they’ll be friendly to people that they’ve never even met before. So, if you are in search of a loving, smart, and social dog that isn’t a giant breed, the Golden Retriever is a great choice.

When you are ready to bring a large breed dog home, consider adopting rather than shopping for one. There are many large breed dogs, include purebreds, waiting for their loving forever homes in shelters and foster networks all over the country, so it is the perfect chance to save a life.