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Cat grooming tools and tips

Cats can keep themselves clean but they need help. When there is a smelly breath, sharp claws or excess fur then it is the time for grooming session of the cats. They do not enjoy long pampering, therefore keep the sessions short, 15 minutes to half an hour. Offer them tasty treats throughout the session. This will create a positive and a healthy environment. Do weekly brushing. This will not only reduce the excess furs all over the house but shall create a bonding with the kitty. Moreover, this will keep his fur in good shape. Use Pet claw clippers to clip their nails safely. These are easy to use and won’t cut the claws short.

Cats are not of fond of water. Therefore instead of using a bathtub, use bathing wipes to give them a less scary bathing experience. Avoid using the bathing wipes of humans, bathing wipes of pets are available in the stores that contain cleansers. Gently wipe the cloth over the cat’s face, back and legs. This will remove the dirt, excess fur and dandruff flakes. Toothbrushes for cats are sold in the pet stores. Brushing their teeth can be a bit difficult. Their mouths do not touch and few teeth are not brushed during the first time. Ensure they are comfortable with brushing. One can gather more information about their grooming by visiting the website https://catsareontop.com.

How to groom long-haired cats

Many people keep long-haired cats as pets but they do not have the idea that grooming is very important for them. It is advised to groom them daily. Long hair cat is challenging for its owner. Sometimes it is not only about long hair but the fur texture is different too. It is imperative to know some of the grooming tips and the experience can prove to be enjoyable for both the pet and the pet owner. Groom daily as this will keep the pet’s hair tangle free and they will look better.

Use a soft brush and start the brushing from the head to the tail. Gently brush the belly and the tail. After using a soft brush, it is important to use a wide-toothed comb. This shall loosen the knots easily. Some longhaired breeds need to keep their eyes clean. They have fluid that does not drain through the tear ducts and cause them to weep. Check their eyes and clean them. Do not forcefully groom them. Try to find out their mood and then start the session. Finish the grooming with the help of a narrow-toothed comb brush to prevent fleas.

Cats grooming themselves

Cats groom themselves several times in a day. They use their paws, claws, tongues and teeth in grooming. They use their tongue to remove the dirt and sticky objects from the fur. The places where they can’t reach with their tongue directly, like face and head, they lick the paw and by using the wet paw they wash those places. With the hind claws, they remove big objects from the fur. Cats swallow the shed furs while grooming sessions. When the fur dries, cats nibble or chew their fur. They nibble the fur back in the same place on being satisfied that they are clean.

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