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Factors To Consider Before Starting A Dog Boarding Facility

Pumped up to start your own business? As a prospective business owner and entrepreneur, your first obvious is to do adequate research on the best ideas. The pet-care, boarding and grooming industry in the US is expected to grow at an incredible rate in years to come, primarily because more people are interested in having pets. Starting a dog boarding facility may sound like a great idea, but before you start, here are some factors to consider.

Deciding the model

You can choose to start a dog boarding facility from scratch, or can go for the franchising option. There are known names like Hounds Town USA franchise that have amazing profit percentage, and certain benefits are assured. When you take a franchise, you do pay for a fee, but at the same time, you have a ready brand with credible presence. While you will abide by the rules and norms of the parent company, profits are quite assured, and there is complete control too. Starting your own business has many benefits and risks, but you are the owner of the brand, which is a clear advantage.

Location matters

You don’t want to start a dog boarding facility or daycare business in a city or region that already has too many similar businesses. Also, you need to check a few things, such as number of pet owners in the area, and it may be necessary to do a few surveys to know more on what people have to say about spending on such services. Make sure that the location is such that it’s accessible for your target audience, and if that means paying a premium, you should consider the same.

Staff, maintenance, involvement and more

As a dog boarding facility owner, you have to ensure that the place has enough for the dogs to keep busy. Also, the maintenance, hygiene, kennels, pet rooms, and other facilities like grooming needs attention. Even with a franchise, you need professional staff and people to manage the facility, which may mean paying more in salaries. Experts agree that business owners in this industry need to be particularly involved in the daily activities and management of the dog boarding facility, so that client trust can be retained. Marketing is another running expense to consider, so make sure your budget accommodates for all costs.

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