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Guide 101: Comparing And Choosing Between Pet Boarding Facilities In NJ!

Dogs and cats, just like humans, can feel lonely and depressed. For various reasons, you may have to step out of the house for hours, or may even need to go out of town. Having the number of a reliable daycare and boarding facility is an absolute must. There are some amazing options for dog &cat boarding NJ, and in this post, we are sharing tips on how you can compare your options.

Start with basics

A good pet boarding facility must be licensed, insured and know. We strongly recommend that you check for reviews online, besides asking for references. It is also important to check if they offer boarding and daycare for both cats and dogs. Cats and dogs need different kind of care and playtimes, so you need to be sure that the facility is equipped and well-staffed for that.

Ask the details

One of the prime reasons why pet owners are ready to pay for boarding and daycare is because they want the pet to have company. You need to know if the facility has scheduled exercise and play hours, and if they have enough staff members. In fact, the staff-to-animal ratio is one of the aspects that distinguishes one facility from another. You also need to ask if grooming and pet spa services are included, especially if you plan to leave the pet for a couple of days or more.

Check the pricing

To be fair, cost shouldn’t be the first reason to select a pet boarding service, but it does matter. Keep in mind that if a facility is charging way too less than others, they are certainly cutting corners in some way or the other. However, check if the pricing is transparent, what’s included, and if this is about overnight stay, how many meals are included.

Response counts

When you visit or call a pet boarding service, their initial response is particularly important. They need to be invested in the pets and animals they promise to care for. Also, check if they have a facility manager, who can give you updates on the pet, especially when you are away for a few days.

Final word

Select a pet boarding that takes adequate care, and you will be able to judge the same on your first visit. Do check the kennels and rooms for dogs, and if everything is comfortable enough, with adequate space.