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Things You Need To Keep Your Pet Safe In Winters!

As the temperature drops, the world turns blue and cold. While we invest in good warm clothes to keep us warm and cozy, the pets are ignored for warm jackets and hoods. The fur friends need some warm clothes for the winter too! Veterinarians vouch the fact that pets are more prone to catching diseases during the winter season. It is really important to cover them in jackets and save from the chilling weather outside.

While we invest in a lot many things like harness, bed, food etc for our pets – we don’t really know the special needs of our pets during different seasons. Here are some of the winter buys you need for your pet!

A fleece Snood

A snood is very much essential to cover up the dogs neck and ears and protect them from the harsh blowing wind. The EDD Alaska Fleece Snood is one of the best snoods made of fleece that covers the head, ear and neck of the dog to keep them protected from harsh wind and keeps them warm. It replaces the need for caps, ear caps and neck shawls altogether to make for one piece that meets the needs of all.

Snow and water suit

Come winters, the spell of snow and water makes the aura so beautiful! But it is also the time when everything gets wet and moisture laden. The weather is not quite right for the dogs as it makes them catch allergies, Leeds, and infections. The snow and water suit has an outer protective layer that doesn’t let the snow or water get in touch with the dog skin. It keeps the dog warm and dry to save from the hazards of the weather.

Warm and fuzzy bed

A good night sleep during winter requires a warm and fuzzy bed. Invest in a good bed that is covered with warm sheets and has additional warm clothes where the dog can lay in piece. With snowfall outside tucking into cozy bed is very important for the bed to have a good sleep in warmth!

Food that keeps them warm

Dogs too need their specialized food during the winters for health reasons. Stock up on the food specially designed for your dog breed for the best of their nutrition. Some of the dog foods are designed especially for the winters to keep their body warm. Helping of these foods indeed helps the dogs survive the harsh weather.

Taking care of your pet during winter is just a few good buys away!