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Every Season Paw Care For Our Dog With Details

We buy many things for our dog. We look after them our whole lives. Starting from neck belts to sweaters, we prepare for every season. Many small activities are there that can help them through tough seasons. As a dog parent, one should have a list of things ready for every season.

Winters Are Cold

Winters are fun for dogs. Many love to play in the snow, others get cozy nights, and many enjoy new sweaters. But winters also bring dandruff, cough, cold, and lack of moisturizer. The dry and cold winds can affect a dog’s hairs, ears, and paws. It is hard to bathe them in winter, and that is also an issue.

Taking care of their paw is a primary concern. The paw pads will lack moisturizer and even cause them pain and pealed-out skin. What one can do during winter is to keep some things handy. For instance, one can keep:

Summers Are Hot

Dogs with heavy hair coats struggle a lot in summers. The relevant tip for every dog is to keep them at accurate room temperature. Early mornings and late evenings are the only times they should be out of the house. Keeping them indoors, hydrated, and happy is the goal.

To make their summer fun, take them swimming or walk in the greenery. Feeding them melons and cold bowls of buttermilk will keep their stomachs cool. Summers can also burn the pads on their paws. Paw care during summer includes minty gels and aloe vera.

Summers also call for bathing every 15 days for their body temperature. Save them from extreme heat and should not leave them in the sun to dry. Some heat waves can also give them a stroke.

Dogs Hate Monsoon

Monsoon is the worst season for dogs. They put on raincoats, boots, and many more to save them from the rain. Due to humidity and heavy moisture in the air, dogs face the issue of ticks and leeches in their paws. During monsoon, water gets stored in between their paw pads. They can get irritated and itchy. Boots and raincoats can’t save them every time.

Drying their paws, ears, and tail after outside visits is mandatory. Hairfall is also an issue for which dry shampoos and combing are best. When it comes to paw care, one needs to keep them dry and tick-free. Monsoon also means dirt and filth places. Cleaning our dogs after every visit is the only key to paw care.


Paw care is a primary center of care for our dogs. Their movement and hygiene start from there. Every season brings different requirements, and we must be ready for them. The paws and ears are the most sensitive areas for every dog. Getting gels, moisturizers, boots, and much other equipment should be for that season.

Paw care is something that no parent should ignore and keep on doing them. Keeping them maintained can affect the health of the dog.