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Learn More About Feline Boarding Services In South Jersey Shore

Cats are curious, intelligent and fun as pets. As a cat owner, you already know that keeping your cat busy is important, and when you have to step out of town, the right feline boarding facility is important. In South Jersey Shore, there is no dearth of options, but certain aspects must be checked and verified. In this post, we are discussing more about cat boarding services.

Ask around

If you want to find the best overnight cat boarding South Jersey Shore, ask fellow pet owners. Referrals are always handy when it comes to selecting a boarding or grooming service, and if that’s not an option, you can always check on Google. Look for independent reviews and feedback and make sure that you shortlist ones with at least 4-star ratings.

Licensing and insurance

All pet boarding facilities must be licensed and insured, and this is one of the critical aspects to consider. Make sure that they are compliant to the standard regulations and have insurance. Do not hesitate in checking details on paper.

Emergency care

The last thing you would want is an emergency call from the cat boarding that your pet is sick and they don’t have much to do. Every feline boarding service should have an experienced veterinarian on call, and they should be able to offer emergency care, if need be.


Pets often fall sick at boarding and daycare facilities, and in most cases, lack of adequate hygiene and cleanliness is to blame. Make sure that the feline boarding is clean, and for that, you have to be there in person. Check where the cats are kept, and if the facility also houses dogs, there should be designated areas for both.


The location of the boarding also matters, especially if you have to leave town every now and then. Check if the facility is located in an apt place in South Jersey Shore, so that you can leave your cat behind without having to drive for two hours. Many boarding facilities also have pet taxi services, which can be a good advantage.


Lastly, do check the cost per night, and if the facility can offer a discount for long-term stay. You may also want to have some add-ons like a spa session or a massage for your cat. Check all the details and select a boarding in South Jersey Shore based on the services they provide.