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Keep Your Browsing History, You Might Thank Your Lucky Stars

Far too many people are too keen to delete their browsing history, number one, for safety, but also because they’ve been doing something they should be, perhaps? There is no need to be so hasty in deleting your browser history, although it is worth doing a ‘clean’ of things like cookies from time to time.

Is it true that surfing history slows down your computer?

Deleting the history files in your browser to clear your surfing history is only really worth doing, if you are running out of storage space. For some people, there can, sometimes, be GBs of data including, searches for things like “local vets in Leek” that you might actually need to keep!

As you are probably already aware, each webpage you view gets saved in your internet browser so, over time, they can build up, however, unless you are nearly out of space on your machine, then the amount of historical data you have shouldn’t really make any difference. What you might find is that your browser becomes a little slower as it has to think about more.

Is it true that deleting your history erases all of your data?

This one is, a big fat nope. You’re just erasing the history that’s locally saved on your computer when you erase your browser history. If you use Google Chrome, the data kept on Google’s servers is unaffected by clearing your browser history, which is another good reason to be careful what you do when you’re online. Somebody’s always watching!