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Guide to getting quality CBD pet treats

Suzie’s CBD Treats for dogs are found in various flavors and forms which include:

  • Bites
  • Biscuits
  • Soft chews
  • Coconut oil and peanut butter
  • Flavors like bacon, pumpkin spice, chicken, green apple, tuna salmon, turkey, and many more

So how do you go about choosing the right CBD treats for your pets?

Qualities that you have to look for in the CBD treats for your dogs

Not all pet CBD treats are created in an equal manner. When picking a CBD to treat supplier for your pets, you have to ensure that you look out for the following qualities to make sure that you choose authentically, high quality, safe products:

Ingredients that are high quality

Get CBD treats for pets that have non-GMO and all-natural ingredients. Even better, get the treats that are made of human-grade, organic ingredients such as human-grade eggs, and treat that is soy-free

Tested in the laboratory

You don’t need to be faced with an old treat for your beloved pet. When you choose a supplier for CBD treats for your pet that has lab-tested products, you are assured that your treats will be effective, high quality, and safe. A rule of thumb is to find out if the supplier has a certificate of analysis available for public viewing.

Customer care support

It is very natural having questions when you make any purchase, whether you require help to select the correct product, you have questions about the delivery of the product and man more. Pick a CBD to treat for your pet supplier who has solid customer care support so that, it becomes easier to get in touch when there is a need. Get an online form that has a time frame that is transparent of when you can hear back from the customer care support representative as well as the support hotline.

A solid reputation

An online platform is a place that is quite lovely to get several reviews on virtually all the products. Before you choose a new CBD to treat supplier for your pet, ensure to do both company review research and check out your website to find out if the reviews are available for that product.

Products for the various pets

Though not necessary, it can be nice choosing a treat supplier for your pet that offers products for various pets like horses, dogs, cats, and much more.


With all the above, you should still ensure that you consult with your veterinary in case your pet is currently using any medications which might react with the CBD treats.