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Five Important Tips when Choosing Dog Food

Having a fur friend in your home can be both exciting and exhausting. Especially, if it’s your first time to own a pet, you may still have to learn more about pet care including grooming, feeding, and others. And when you visit pet stores, the endless choices of pet food, treats, and toys can be overwhelming.

Your pet’s diet is an important aspect you cannot be wrong with so make sure to discuss it with your veterinarian to ensure it is balanced and formulated for your dog. If you are in the market for dog food, the tips mentioned below may be able to guide you:

Consider your Dog’s Size

Pick dog food that is formulated for the size of your dog. Their bone growth varies depending on their breed so they must be fed the same food. Big breed dog food comes with a specific ratio of calcium and phosphorus to ensure proper bone development to help in preventing joint diseases.

Pick the Right Brand

Whether you need to buy dry dog food or other variety, you need to get one from a pet food company that has gone through AAFCO feeding trials. This ensures the diet’s formulation has been fed to dogs to ensure there are no deficiencies. A lot of companies produce pet food based on a recipe without feeding it to actual dogs. Great companies invest in research and consult with veterinary nutritionists to offer food that has no imbalances in nutrients.

Think about the Size of the Dog Food

In terms of the actual kibble size, a diet designed for your dog’s size is also essential. A small Yorkie puppy may find it hard to swallow bigger size pieces of food, so find a small breed puppy formula or toy to help with this. In case you prefer to feed them with wet food, keep the food chunk sizes in mind.

Keep Calories in Mind

Food for puppies must be higher in calories than food for adult dogs. This is to compensate for the amount of energy puppies expend as they grow and play. Around half of the calories they consume are spent on tissue growth and development. Ensure you are feeding your dog with food that has an adequate amount of nutrients.

Check the Ingredients

The dog food’s ingredients are essential to the development of your fur friend. For example, their nervous system relies on the essential fatty acid – DHA. The diets of puppies must have a higher amount of DHA in their meals than food for adult dogs to help with ear, eyes, and brain development.