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All About Pet Daycare Services For Your Feline Friend!

Caring for your feline can be a hard task, especially if you are a working professional or someone who needs to travel a lot. At some point, you will need to find a pet daycare facility and boarding service that can keep your cat safe. Finding the right cat hotel Phoenix can be overwhelming, especially because you would nothing but the best for your little munchkin. Most pet daycare & boarding facilities do accept cats and dogs, even when they don’t accept exotic pets.

Understanding services

In any industry, no two services are equal, and it makes sense to select one that is experienced and has a good team of trained professionals. For example, managing a relaxed cat is a lot easier than handling a kitten that’s all playful, funny and active. Eventually, comfort and safety are two aspects that matter the most, and you have to be sure that the concerned pet daycare service is accessible at all times to give an update. Most facilities are often fixed about their working hours, so it is necessary to check if the timings are convenient for you in the first place. For example, if your working hours are late, and you need to take day care service, you should be able to send and pick up the cat as it may please your schedule.

Ask about costs and other things

Does the pet daycare service have a vet? This is a critical aspect, because even healthy cats can behave weirdly or may require medical attention when they are away from home. You want to know if the service will handle your cat well, and whether they can make arrangements for medical services, if need be. As for the costs, it depends on the services you are seeking. Daycare obviously costs a lot less than boarding, and you can also choose to evaluate and understand the pricing based on what you can afford. Paying more for a specialized service is never a bad idea, as long as the cat hotel is known, reputed and can offer all the facilities that you may need.

Finally, do try a service for at least two days before forming an opinion, and you will be asked to share all the vaccination details with the facility. Also, pay a personal visit and find more about the concerned service in person, and if needed, you can also ask for client references in your area.