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Horse Riding Training – Understanding Your Horse Senses

The main factor to effective horseback riding training would be to develop an awareness of the horse. Riders who’re just beginning off may expect the horse to react just like a human, however these are creatures with a few deeply ingrained reflexes which are far not the same as ours.

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Smell may be the sharpest of all the horse’s five senses. You might have observed that the horse always sniffs the treats you are offering before he accepts it – his olfaction is telling him be it safe to consume or otherwise.

Avoid putting on strong perfumes or any other scents around horses just because a horse will probably think it is uncomfortable and react inside a negative manner. Riders ought to be especially conscious of any strong scents they might be putting on.


Like cats, horses have ears that may move in any direction individually of the heads, to allow them to identify noises that may be originating from almost anywhere.

A horse may also use his ears to talk with individuals who comprehend the language. Ears which are forward and upright indicate an optimistic, interested attitude while ears which are flattened back demonstrate fear or mistrust.


A persons eye comes with an adjustable lens to assist us focus easier but horses haven’t been graced with this particular adaptation. Horses are thus made to enhance the mind to recognize more distant objects and also to lower the mind to determine products which are near by.

Don’t assume what this means is how well you see is preferable to a horse – he’s more prone to place something moving over the next hill prior to you’ll, therefore, the reason a lot of riders are unsure why a horse has reacted the way in which he’s.


Horse’s have very sensitive skin, a lot to enable them to sense a fly when he lands, wherever it’s on his body. There’s also several lengthy whiskers just beneath the mouth area. The whiskers are a fundamental part of a horse’s feeling of touch, just because they are for any cat, even though many riders prefer to take them off, somebody that understands their horse leaves them intact.